Associators in java code.

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Associators in java code.

Hi guys! Im trying to call a WHQ query ASSOCIATORS from java code using your lib:


        ClientOptions clientOptions = new ClientOptions();



        List<XmlNode> retList = new ArrayList<>();

        Filter filter = new Filter();

        filter.wql("ASSOCIATORS OF {Sndk_FSCacheVolume.tag="4902529245284"} WHERE AssocClass=Sndk_FSCacheVolumeSections ");


        XmlDoc result = m_client.enumerate(clientOptions, filter, OpenWSManConstants.CIM_ALL_AVAILABLE_CLASSES);

        if (result == null || result.isFault()) {

            String faultStr = "Failed to get an enumeration context: " + ((result != null) ? result.fault().reason() : "?");


            throw new CimException(faultStr);



And ‘result’ is always returning error with the following reason: “The data source could not process the filter. The filter might be missing or it might be invalid. Change the filter and try the request again.”


What I do wrong? Could you explain me how to use associators correctly. Please add an example to GitHub in “bindings/java/test” directory.







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