Openwsman 2.4.0 is released !

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Openwsman 2.4.0 is released !

Klaus Kaempf
Openwsman version 2.4.0 was just released.

This release, as well as all source code, is now available via GitHub.

The previous use of sourceforge is restricted to the mailing lists.

Highlights of version 2.4.0
- Support for OptionSet in SOAP header, required for WinRS (Windows
  Remote Shell). A WinRS client is included.
- Ruby 1.9 and 2.0 threading model support
- Improved bindings documentation

Enjoy !



- Features
  - Add support for OptionSet in SOAP header (breaks ABI)
  - Increase soversion of libwsman_client to 2.0.0
  - new function wsmc_add_option
  - Redirect plugin: Added facilities to import the redirection
    details from an included file (Praveen K Paladugu)
- Bugfixes
  - wsman_transport_set_verify_host passed wrong values to CURL
  - recognize 'Msvc' (Hyper V) and 'DCIM' (Dell Drac) CIM schemata
  - xml_parser_element_dump: fix pointer (github issue #8)
- Bindings
  - Ruby: Fix Ruby 1.9 threading locks for wsmc_action_* functions
  - Ruby: API change: Transport.verify_{host,peer}? return Boolean now
      Transport.verify_peer -> Transport.verify_peer?
      Transport.verify_host -> Transport.verify_host?
  - Support for OptionSet
    - ClientOptions#add_option
    - ClientOptions#options= (Ruby)
  - XmlDoc#to_s returns non-indented xml representation
  - Ruby: Accessors for OptionSet, Selectors, and Properties
    - ClientOptions#options
    - ClientOptions#properties
    - ClientOptions#selectors
  - Define security delivery modes (WSMAN_DELIVERY_SEC_*)
  - Vastly improved bindings documentation
  - Generate documenation with rdoc 1.9
  - Windows Remote Shell client implementation (see ruby/tests/winrs.rb)
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