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PLEASE HELP: wsman:InvalidSelectors


Good Afternoon,


I have openwsman 2.4 (<a href="tel:201502241414" x-apple-data-detectors="true" x-apple-data-detectors-type="telephone" x-apple-data-detectors-result="1">201502241414) installed on a SLES11 SP1 box that sits behind firewall. I could run wsman with enumerate option and everything worked fine, but I tried to run wsman with invoke option. I kept getting “wsman:InvalidSelectors” message and this happens to all wsman invoke command. I also used a tool called “” fromDell Tech site and it gave me the same result. 


I was suspected that since my box couldn’t communicate to the Internet to talk out to to get CIM name space etc…? So I attempted to configure sblim-sfcb server following the instructions here. I also played around with openwsman.conf and tried to change cim_client_frontend = SfcbLocal. But no luck. I have looked everywhere (scouted the entire openwsman github pages and all goolge result pages) and pretty much stuck. Can you help me out? I’d like to get wsman with invoke option to work.


Thank you very much in advance.




#Command executed fine:

wsman enumerate -h -V -v -c dummy.cert -P 443 -u root -p calvin -j utf-8 -y basic


#Kept coming back with <s:Value>wsman:InvalidSelectors</s:Value>:

wsman invoke -a GetRAIDLevels,CreationClassName=DCIM_RAIDService,SystemName=DCIM:ComputerSystem,Name=DCIM:RAIDService -h -V -v -c dummy.cert -P 443 -u root -p calvin -J GetRAIDLevels.xml -j utf-8 -y basic



Below is the Dell server info that I connected to it via iDRAC:

omreport system version

Version Report



Main System Chassis



Name    : BIOS

Version : 2.0.19 



Name    : iDRAC7

Version : 1.45.45 (Build 18)



Name    : Lifecycle Controller 2

Version :

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