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Receive events from Windows

Martin Pritchard

I've been trying to use OpenWSMAN to subscribe to events forwarded from a Windows Server machine, but I'm not having much success at the moment.

On the Windows Server 2008 box I have enabled "Configure the server address, refresh interval, and issuer certificate authority of a target Subscription Manager" under "Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Event Forwarding" in the Local Group Policy editor and added a "SubscrptionManager" as "Server=,Refresh=10". I have attempted to run wseventsink on that address.

On my Ubuntu box running OpenWSMAN v2.6.2 I have been running wsman by doing the following:

wsman subscribe -x "Select Path='Security' * [System[(Level=1  or Level=2 or Level=3 or Level=4 or Level=0 or Level=5)]]" -D "" -Z -r 500 -H 2 -h WINDOWS.FOO.LOCAL -P 5985 -G push --debug 6 --auth basic -s httpbasic -u admin -p password

The response that I have been getting back from Windows is "EventSourceUnableToProcess" because "The connectivity test from the push subscription source to the client failed".

When setting up a "Source Initiated Subscription" with a Windows 7 box instead of Linux, I have noticed that the Windows machines use a protocol "application/HTTP-Kerberos-session-encrypted", does OpenWSMAN support this when receiving events?

When testing with Linux, the Windows Server machine always wants to authenticate using mutual Kerberos regardless of the delivery-sec-mode that I set in OpenWSMAN.

Am I missing something here, do I need to write a compatible eventsink or should it be possible to receive events from a Windows machine using OpenWSMAN on Linux without anything special?

Thanks for your help,



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