Release of Openwsman 2.6.1

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Release of Openwsman 2.6.1

Klaus Kaempf

This release contains two important fixes, one of them disguised as a

* With multithreading client applications, the libcurl backend might
  crash if DNS lookups time out. This is due to the way libcurl handles
  timeouts using setjmp, longjmp, and signals.
  openwsman_client.conf now provides an option curlopt_nosignal within
  the [client] section to work around that crash. Setting
  curlopt_nosignal = 1 prevents these crashes at the risk of hanging DNS
  See for details.

* The other fix is in dictionary_get() of iniparser.c which can crash in
  strcmp if a NULL pointer is passed. This bug has been there all the
  years and probably got triggered due to new versions of GCC.

From the ChangeLog:

- Features
  - Add curlopt_nosignal option to openwsman_client.conf to prevent CURL
    crashes in multithreaded client applications
  - Limit EnvelopeSize to 32767 if wsman:MaxEnvelopeSize not set in
    request (WS-Man 1.2 compatibility) (Prabhakar Pujeri)
- Bugfixes
  - fix memory leaks (Vitezslav Crhonek)
  - honor client:agent from openwsman_client.conf
  - fix possible crash in dictionary_get()


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