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(de)serialization with mincount 0

Ales Ledvinka

I'm trying to figure out handling of sometimes present, sometimes missing property.

No matter what the polymorphism option setting is
(using the <wsmb:PolymorphismMode>ExcludeSubClassProperties</wsmb:PolymorphismMode>)

when the property is listed as nil it seems it's the dead end even for the base SER_NS_CNT_STR_FLAGS macro with min 0 and max 1.
<n1:Caption xsi:nil="true"/>

Here is the debug:
returned (nil);
not enough (0 < 1) instances of element Caption
retval: -3
handling of element "Caption" failed = -3

I see the the __XmlSerializerInfo has the mincount it does not seem to be used anywhere but array code make_dyn_size_data.

What is the common practice of handling the string property that may not be present?

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