ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined Symbol: .main

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ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined Symbol: .main

(ld): halt 4
(ld): setfflag 4
(ld): savename GetOfferingInfoV31
(ld): filelist 71 1
(ld): i /lib/crt0.o
(ld): i GetOfferingInfoV31.o
(ld): i LoadGetOfferingInfo.o
(ld): i Service_GetOfferingInfo.o
(ld): i adb_AggregateInventory.o
(ld): i adb_Aisle.o
(ld): i adb_AisleLocations.o
(ld): i adb_Amount.o
(ld): i adb_AmountValue.o
(ld): i adb_Context.o
(ld): i adb_ContextInfo.o
(ld): i adb_Department.o
(ld): i adb_Fee.o
(ld): i adb_FeeRequest.o
(ld): i adb_FeeRequests.o
(ld): i adb_FeeType.o
(ld): i adb_GlobalTradeItem.o
(ld): i adb_GlobalTradeItemRequest.o
(ld): i adb_HoursNotAvailable.o
(ld): i adb_ItemNode.o
(ld): i adb_ItemRule.o
(ld): i adb_ItemRules.o
(ld): i adb_LocationInfo.o
(ld): i adb_MIPDetails.o
(ld): i adb_MIPOfferingDetails.o
(ld): i adb_MessageFault.o
(ld): i adb_NodeInfo.o
(ld): i adb_NodeLocation.o
(ld): i adb_OfferingDetails.o
(ld): i adb_PrescriptionType.o
(ld): i adb_PrescriptionsType.o
(ld): i adb_PriceNode.o
(ld): i adb_Product.o
(ld): i adb_Promotion.o
(ld): i adb_Promotions.o
(ld): i adb_Quantity.o
(ld): i adb_Reason.o
(ld): i adb_ResponseMessageNode.o
(ld): i adb_Section.o
(ld): i adb_TaxBracketInfo.o
(ld): i adb_TaxBracketsInfo.o
(ld): i adb_TaxBucketInfo.o
(ld): i adb_TaxBucketPercentage.o
(ld): i adb_TaxInfo.o
(ld): i adb_Zone.o
(ld): i adb_alpha10.o
(ld): i adb_alpha100.o
(ld): i adb_alpha2_Info.o
(ld): i adb_alpha20_GOI.o
(ld): i adb_alpha40.o
(ld): i adb_alpha512.o
(ld): i adb_alpha80.o
(ld): i adb_areYouThereResponse.o
(ld): i adb_getOfferingInfo.o
(ld): i adb_getOfferingInfoFault.o
(ld): i adb_getOfferingInfoResponse.o
(ld): i adb_gtinType.o
(ld): i adb_nodeIdInfo.o
(ld): lib /u/developers/kpatta0/kpatta0/Client/AIX53_EXPAT195_INF93_WMGETPW1_WMSE1/libGetPrescriptionInfoClient.a
(ld): i /power/system_components/INF93/lib/esql/libifos.a
(ld): i /power/system_components/INF93/lib/esql/libifgen.a
(ld): i /power/system_components/INF93/lib/esql/libifsql.a
(ld): i /power/system_components/INF93/lib/libifasf.a
(ld): i /power/system_components/INF93/lib/esql/libifgls.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libc_r.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libdl.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libtli_r.a
(ld): lib /usr/lib/libm_r.a
(ld): i /power/system_components/INF93/lib/esql/libifglx.a
(ld): i pwr_compile_ts_obj.o
(ld): lib /usr/vac/lib/libxlopt.a
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[shr.o]: 2820 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[meth.o]: 2 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[posix_aio.o]: 20 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[aio.o]: 14 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[pse.o]: 5 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[dl.o]: 4 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libc_r.a[pty.o]: 1 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libdl.a[shr.o]: 4 symbols imported.
LIBRARY: Shared object libtli_r.a[shr.o]: 32 symbols imported.
FILELIST: Number of previously inserted files processed: 71
(ld): resolve
RESOLVE: 32 of 14609 symbols were kept.
(ld): addgl /usr/lib/glink.o
ADDGL: Glink code added for 3 symbols.
(ld): er full
ld: 0711-318 ERROR: Undefined symbols were found.
        The following symbols are in error:
Symbol                    Inpndx  TY CL Source-File(Object-File) OR Import-File{Shared-object}
                              RLD: Address  Section  Rld-type Referencing Symbol
ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .main
.main                     [8]     ER PR crt0main.s(/lib/crt0.o)
                                   00000098 .text    R_RBR    [30]    .__start
ER: The return code is 8.
[04-21-13 08:58:47] ==>dcc: Finished RC=8
[04-21-13 08:58:47] ==>dec: Finished RC=8
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 8.
[04-21-13 08:58:47] ==>dmake: Finished, RC=2

I am unable to figure out as to whats going wrong in linking. Could someone assist me in resolving this issue?
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Re: ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined Symbol: .main

Klaus Kaempf
Ugh, this list is read by humans, not by machines.

Please tell us
- what are you trying to accomplish
- what's your environment (host system, operating system, etc.)

Then you might get help from this list.

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